Cairns Tilt Tray Truck Hire

How to Find a Tilt Tray Truck for Hire in Cairns

If you run a commercial business in Cairns whose work occasionally involves moving large quantities of goods from place to place, you’ll probably be interested in using the proper equipment for the job. Maybe your services don’t require you to perform such tasks often enough that you need to purchase your own equipment, but you should at least have access to heavy duty vehicles when you need them. Alternately, maybe you’re in the process of moving your offices or equipment to a new location and want to oversee every aspect of the move yourself. In either case, you might need to know where you can hire a high-quality tilt tray truck in Cairns.

The decision to hire a tilt tray truck can be one of the best that you make during periods when you need to move a lot of material. Tilt tray truck hire allows you to fit a variety of heavy or otherwise awkward products onto the back of a large vehicle, whose bed can be manipulated to slide cargo off easily upon reaching its destination. Spending the money to own and maintain one of these vehicles normally isn’t necessary for single or even occasional moves. It’s much more cost-effective to find a company who can provide you with tilt tray truck hire in Cairns.

Finding a company who carries the right vehicles and offers excellent customer service can require doing a little research. You’ll want to make sure that the company you rent your truck from offers numerous vehicle options, affordable rates, and follows transparent practices that make them easy to trust. Flexibility is also a plus, so that you can rent your truck for exactly as long as you’ll need it. Find a company that lets you set the hire period so that you can be as efficient as possible.

Where to Look First for a Tilt Tray Truck in Cairns

One of the best examples of such a company in Cairns is 1300 Truckhire, a company offering a broad range of options for its customers. At 1300 Truckhire, we make a point of bundling all our insurance and registration fees in our already competitive rate, so that you can get the best possible price for your rental. We also commit to making sure that there are no hidden fees in our agreements with customers, creating high-trust relationships with every client. Choose the period for which you want to hire a truck, and let us help you get the best price.

The Hardware for Practically Any Job

Finally, there are the trucks themselves: extraordinarily well-made vehicles that come with several useful features. Cable tensioners, rotating lights, reversing cameras and 1200 lb winches are just some of the tools that you’ll be able to make use of when you hire a truck from us. For more information on our policies and vehicles, or to speak with a team member who can set you up with a truck for hire today, contact us today and tell us more about your needs.