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Truck Hire Cairns

Truck Range 

1300Truckhire Cairns fleet includes 3 different sized car licence moving trucks, curtainside trucks, crane trucks, tilt trays, flatbeds and container trucks. The trucks range from a 2ton car licence pantecs to a 14ton Curtainside with steal gates (see picture top right). Our crane Trucks and tilt tray trucks are equipped with container pins and come with straps and chains. Please find specifications of each truck above.

Car Licence Trucks

1300Truckhie Cairns has 3 different types of car license trucks to choose from. Each car license truck can carry 2 tons of weight and come in 3 different sizes. The 20m3 is perfect to move a small home or apartment it also has a hydraulic tac-way lifter to lift the heavy items. The 25m3 has a premium lifter (see picture left bottom). The premium lifter can lift over 1ton of weight and is perfect for items such as pianos, large fridges, and pool tables. The 30m3 truck has been specially made for 1300Truckhire, and it is the largest you can drive on a car license. This 30m3 truck can carry a 3 to 5 bedroom home and comes with a hydraulic tac-way lifter. All moving trucks come with trolley, ropes and moving blankets upon request.


Leasing and Commercial Truck Hire Cairns

1300Truck hire can provide quick and flexible help to assist yours with supplementing your fleet for project-based opportunities, seasonal demand, business peaks or a relief vehicle in case of a breakdown or maintenance requirements.

1300Truckhire can provide long-term hire as an alternative to owing your own commercial vehicle. Leases can range from a minimum of 3 months to 5 years on new or near new vehicles. 1300Truckhire leasing provides you with guaranteed costs. Leasing includes hire, maintenance, tyres, insurance and registration allowing you to create your budget with certainty. If you would like to know more about 1300Truckhire leasing, please email email/sales)( or see

Curtainside Trucks

1300Truckhire curtainside truck fleet consists of 3 sizes including a 7ton 10ton and 14ton truck; The curtainside trucks can be used as a flatbed or as a covered truck. The curtain on the truck can pull back so that your products can be quickly loaded and unloaded by forklifts and cranes. This is ideal when you are transporting products that are large in dimension but still require protection from the weather.  The curtainside trucks are the largest covered trucks that 1300Truckhire provides. They start at 40 cubic meters to 60 cubic meters and come with tac-away for full rear door suitable to load pallets onto the truck.

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