Cairns Private & Commercial Van Hire

Find Private and Commercial Van Hire in Cairns for Deliveries or Event Transportation

In our experience, individuals and businesses need vans and other vehicles for hire for a variety of different reasons. Having worked with individuals, businesses, corporations, and the government, we have seen our equipment and vehicles put to all kinds of different uses. Determining which kind of vehicle is right for you and your current needs depends on exactly what purpose you intend to seek a vehicle for hire. When it comes to commercial and private van hire in Cairns, there are many advantages that include ease of use, quick turn around on getting access to your vehicle, and a relatively low cost. Above all, though, the advantage of van hire in Cairns, as opposed to other vehicles, is that many vans to not require you to hold an additional licence or find a driver that has further driving qualifications.

Using Commercial Van Hire in Cairns for Courier Purposes

One of the primary uses of our services for van hire in Cairns is to transport goods and services in our courier vehicles. As mentioned, these vehicles do not require any further licensing or qualifications to operate legally. This is a considerable advantage over seeking a truck for hire. It also is a cheaper alternative if you can transport all of your goods in a single trip or relatively few trips using only the space available to you in our courier vans. With these vehicles, you will have the option of 1.5-tonne or 1.8-tonne; which will be better for you will depend on the exact nature of the goods you are attempting to transport.

One component of our commercial van hire in Cairns that sets us apart from the competition is that we offer drop off locations all over the country. The advantage of a drop off is significant. This will prevent you from having to drive back and forth once you have completed your transport. This will cover the cost of the overall service as well as reduce the amount of time to finalise the task in question. For more information on the various locations where this service is offered, contact us today.

Take Advantage of Private Van Hire in Cairns for Event Transportation

On top of being able to offer extensive services for courier purposes, our van hire services in Cairns also allow you to rent passenger vans. These come in three sizes, offering eight-, 12-, and 14-seat vehicles. Our passenger vans can be used any way you wish. One common use for this service is event transportation. If you are flying many people in for a business conference, a wedding or some other occasion, for example, you could avoid the strain of expensive shuttles and take transportation into your own hands. This can often result in reduced costs, easier logistical coordination, and a guarantee that all of your guests will end up in the right location.

In short, if you need a van for hire, whether for commercial or private purposes, for courier or passenger transportation, at 1300 Truck Hire, we have a service designed to meet exactly your needs.