Cairns Pantech, Curtainside & Flatbed Truck Hire

Keep Things Running Smoothly and Efficiently with a Pantec, Curtainside, or Flatbed Truck Hire in Cairns

If you are a business owner in need of putting on an event, transporting goods, or relocating your business, you need to make sure that you have the appropriate vehicles and equipment to safely, securely, and efficiently transport a lot of goods. To achieve this, you need to assess what you need to transport, how much space it takes up, as well as when and where you need your goods delivered.

Once you have determined all of these details of your intended transportation, you can start to delve into the difference vehicle for hire options in Cairns. At 1300 Truck Hire, we offer one of the widest varieties of vehicles in the area. This allows us to be flexible and work directly with your needs to make sure that the vehicle you end up with is able to complete your required tasks and is not so overwhelming that you feel you have more than you need. With us, you can easily find pantech, curtainside, or flatbed truck hire in Cairns.

How to Know What Type of Truck You Need for What Kind of Work

The type of truck that will be best for completing your move will depend heavily on what it is you are transporting. To have a look at the first kind, flatbed truck hire in Cairns is, in our experience, best used for items that will not be damaged easily by weather. Flatbed trucks offer the big advantage of being easy to load. Having an open ended trailer means you don’t have to deal with the walls of a typical trailer. This lack of restriction makes the vehicle easy to load and a good fit for transporting another smaller vehicle or some other large item that is typically stored outside. The disadvantage of flatbed trucks is the offer little no security or protection against weather.

Curtainside truck hire in Cairns is another popular service that we provide. A curtainside truck is very similar to a flatbed and in many ways is the middle ground between the totally open trailer of the flatbed truck and the fully fortified walls of a pantech truck. Curtainside trailers offer the advantage of easy loading provided by flatbed trailers along with a little bit of fortified protection provided by waterproof curtains. These are good for moving a high quantity of non-fragile or low-value items. If you require solid protection against weather and the outside world, a pantech truck hire in Cairns will be the best fit.

Make Your Move Easy by Taking Advantage of Our Drop-Off Option

At 1300 Truck Hire, we understand that moving is a logistical nightmare before you even have to take into account a vehicle for hire. This is why we have set up a large network of vehicle drop off locations all over the country to reduce the stress of the logistics of your move. Having a drop off location offers a significant advantage over alternative options. Eliminating the need for you to return the vehicle from where it came from allows you to reduce the amount of time.