Cairns Hire Trucks

Expand Your Business, Hire Trucks in Cairns from 1300 TRUCKHIRE

One of the biggest expenses for a young business relates to transportation. The costs associated with buying a fleet of vehicles are enormous. An easy way for business owners to reduce their transportation costs is to consider truck hire in Cairns from the area's leader, 1300 TRUCKHIRE. The Australian owned family business offers customers an extensive range of vehicles from which to choose. With a number of flexible options for businesses, 1300 TRUCKHIRE provides business owners cost effective solutions to help expand their operations.

Why Hire Trucks in Cairns Instead of Buying

Cost, of course, is the big reason any business owner would want to consider leasing trucks over purchasing them. Buying trucks and company vehicles drain a lot of the equity in a business. That investment can be saved and used for other ventures. With 1300 TRUCKHIRE, you lease a truck over a period and you are not left with something that you have to try to sell or cannot afford to pay off entirely.

Leasing trucks also give businesses the opportunity to increase or decrease their fleet according to business conditions. If you are engaged in a seasonal business, for example, the leasing option allows you to add a number of trucks during your busiest seasons. This also allows you to control your costs more effectively.

Why Cairns truck hire at 1300 TRUCKHIRE Makes Sense

If your business is looking to take the next step, truck hire at 1300 TRUCKHIRE makes perfect sense. Leasing vehicles eliminate the risk of buying trucks and is much more cost effective. By choosing our company, your costs are guaranteed. You will know precisely what you will spend when you lease with us. There are no hidden costs and your maintenance, tyres, insurance, and registration fees are all included.

With 1300 TRUCKHIRE, we offer you tremendous flexibility as far as terms are concerned. You have the ability to lease trucks for periods of one year to five years. If you need to repeat or change your lease, this is easily done. Also, we will reduce any down time you suffer as a result of a truck breaking down. While your truck is being repaired, we will give you a similar one from our fleet.

Even when your business begins to take off and become successful, you can continue to lease trucks from us. Feel confident knowing that you can compete for larger contracts because 1300 TRUCKHIRE has your transportation needs covered. When your project requires more trucks, it is easy to upgrade or add extras. With our simple system, it is easy to find solutions to meet your needs.

If you require hiring a truck in Cairns, call us at 1300 878 254 or visit us online at You can check out our extensive fleet of trucks, 4WDs, vans, utes, and buses. Whether it is for your business, a move, or you need trucks for an event, 1300 TRUCKHIRE will provide you with a cost-effective, easy solution. In Cairns and Australia wide, we have the truck hire solutions you need.