Cairns Bus Hire

Get Your Wedding Guests Where They Need to Be, with a Bus Hire in Cairns

Wedding days can be tough for out of town guests. You want to make sure that your out of town visitors have as much fun as possible, but you also can’t spare much thought for getting your guests from point A to point B. After all, if you are the bride or groom, you are going to have your hands full already.

At 1300 Truckhire, we can help make your wedding day more manageable for out of town guests. In addition to commercial and moving truck rentals, we also offer bus hire services in Cairns. You can hire one of our buses for your special day and use it as a shuttle to get your guests from your hotel to the ceremony venue to the reception venue and back to the hotel at the end of the night. With this arrangement, everyone gets where they need to go on time; no one gets lost in an unfamiliar area and no one has to get behind the wheel of a car after imbibing an alcoholic beverage or two.

If you are interested in a bus hire in Cairns, 1300 Truckhire offers a few different options. First off, our fleet includes two types of buses: a 12 seater and a 25 seater, depending on the size of your party. Secondly, you can hire one of our buses as a straight rental or choose to hire a driver as well. With a rental, someone from your group will have to handle driving and navigation. If such an arrangement doesn't appeal, we can hire you a driver to ferry your guests from point A to point B.

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