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Moving? Make It Easy and Use the Leading Truck Hire in Cairns QLD

One of the most trying and frustrating experiences you will ever face is moving. Whether it is from an apartment to a new home in Cairns or from home to home across QLD or Australia, the entire process of the move is challenging. You can make it bearable by doing a couple of things, one of which is using the leader in Cairns truck hire, 1300 TRUCKHIRE. The family owned company has grown into a leading provider of commercial trucks to help individuals and families with their moves. With incredible flexibility, great rates, and various trucks to choose from, 1300 TRUCKHIRE can ease the stress of your move.

Tips to Make Your Move A Little Less Hectic

When packing away items to be shipped, you should pack the items you are going to need first in a clear plastic bin. You are going to need things like toilet paper, smartphone chargers, eating utensils, and more immediately. Put them in a crate that allows you see the contents so that you do not have to open random boxes in search of them.

Some of your items can even go in an overnight bag. Do yourself a favor and pack one with a change of clothes, your toiletries, and other essential items. Once you arrive at your address, the last thing you are going to want to do is to unpack. You can put expensive items like your laptop computer in the bag too and reduce your anxiety about those types of items being broken or even stolen.

Choose The Area’s Leader in Truck Hire in Cairns

When you elect to work with 1300 TRUCKHIRE, you will find the entire process to be very simple and, most of all cost effective. There are never any hidden costs, and you will know exactly what you are paying before your move. All of the extra fees such as insurance are included in your affordable fee.

When you hire a truck in Cairns to move house, you have several trucks from which to choose. The 3 Tonne Mitsubishi Fuso Turbo Diesel, for example, is the ideal moving truck. With a covered back and hydraulic lifts, it is the perfect truck for a three to four bedroom home. The contents of the house will fit comfortably, and you can drive it to your new destination. The truck only requires an open driver's license.

There are other larger trucks for bigger homes and interstate moves. These trucks will require a special driver's license to drive. With all of our rentals, we strive to make it easier by providing items such as blankets, trolleys, ropes, and load binders. There is also the possibility of one-way truck hire where you can make your move and then drop off the truck at one of our many locations throughout Australia.

For the best in truck hire in Cairns QLD and throughout the country, contact us at 1300 TRUCKHIRE. You can also visit us online at to learn more about our fleet of vehicles. You can also schedule your rental online using our online booking feature.