Terms & Conditions


Vehicles must be returned as per your rental agreement contract. If you wish to extend, please contact the office at email/sales)(1300truckhire.com.au or 4032 3448. Please note if the vehicle is not in use but has not been returned to 1300 Truckhire it will remain on hire.

Refunds, No Show and Cancellation Policy

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. As a courtesy to fellow customers, we ask that you kindly cancel any unneeded reservation as soon as your plans change. The cancellation fees applicable are shown in the graph below. To avoid or minimize charges, we ask that you contact us at the earliest opportunity by calling 1300 878 254 or on-line via the cancellation facility on this site.

Q. If I return the hire vehicle before the expiry of the rental period will I get a refund for the days not used?

A. We regret that no refunds are given for early returns. Your initial hire rate would have been tailored based on your intended hire period; additionally we may have also lost a potential forward booking as your vehicle was still considered to be on hire.

Cancellation Policy

30 + days 20% of full rental charges.

14 + days 50% of rental charges

7 + days Full rental charges

CANCELLATION due to COVID-19 restrictions will be issued with 

- A credit valid for 24 months and can be transferred once onto future reservations

- Hire rates are applicable at time of re-booking

- Subject to vehicle specification availability 

Vehicle Insurance and Accident Liability Coverage

Q. How does vehicle insurance operate in Australia?

A. Third party unlimited personal liability insurance is included in the annual State vehicle license registration fee. The statutory state insurance does not cover damage to the hire vehicle; third party vehicles or other property, neither single accident occurrences, so you should always ensure that the price you are quoted for your vehicle hire includes full, or comprehensive insurance.

Even full insurance cover may vary from company to company so ask the following questions.

Does it cover single accident events, i.e., you swerve to avoid an animal and crash the vehicle, if it does, what is the level of accident liability applying? Do I have to pay extra to reduce?

Should you be the driver at fault, does it contain personal injury cover for you as the driver, if not; you may wish to ensure you are covered by your own holiday insurance.

Q. What level of comprehensive insurance applies to your vehicles?

A. The cover includes damage to the hire, and third party vehicles along with third party property and is subject via the rental contract to a varying Accident Liability sum value, dependant on vehicle type, and the age of the drivers. It also covers single accident occurrences, i.e., no other insurable party is involved or traceable.

In these circumstances the vehicle insurance policy excludes damage or loss to the vehicle interior, underneath and roof of the hire vehicle including stone chips and windscreen damage plus tyre and wheel hub damage.

Q. What is Vehicle Accident Liability?

A. It is the sum of money, (although the vehicle is comprehensively insured), that you (subject to the rental contract terms) could be liable to pay in the event of an accident and subsequent damage to the hire vehicle. 

There are two applicable accident liability rates applying, the first we call the Standard Accident Liability which is applied to accidents involving third parties. 
Each vehicle has a Standard Accident Liability ranging from $5000 for standard vehicle.

Because of the high volume of Single Vehicle Accident occurrences experienced in Australia a separate Single Accident Liability sum applies for each and every single accident occurrence. Single Accident Liability applies when no other insurable presence is involved or traceable.

Q. Can I vary my accident liability in respect to the hire vehicle?

A. Yes, we can effectively lower your liability.

For a small additional daily payment we undertake in the event of damage to the hire vehicle, to cap at our risk, both Accident Liabilities value to the lower risk liability value that you have selected and feel more comfortable with. We call this optional benefit -Driver Protection Package. 

Lowered Single Accident Liability protection is automatically included as shown below when you select our Standard or Gold Driver Protection Package. 

By selecting the appropriate Driver Protection package you will reduce your accident liabilities as displayed below. All prices shown include GST.

Driver / Additional Drivers, Hire Requirements

Q. What age do I have to be to hire a vehicle?

A. The Minimum age is 21 and an open Australian Licence must be held.

Q. Are there additional charges for drivers under 25 years of age?

A. No, but 4x4 vehicles cannot be driven by drivers under 25 years of age. 

Q. Can anyone other than the hirer drive the vehicle?

A. No one else is authorized to drive the vehicle unless their name appears on the rental agreement and has been processed on our computer.  Unlisted drivers who drive will invalidate your insurance. When collecting the vehicle, each driver must be listed on the agreement and they must present their license for validation at the time of pick up.

Additional Drivers

Additional Drivers need to be registed this can been done on your pre-check in or in our office. There is no additional charges for additional drivers.

Q. Do I have to re-fuel the car when I return?

 A. We normally provide you with a full tank of fuel at time of rental and if the vehicle requires fuel on return any additional charges to re-fill + the fuel are then your responsibility.

Alternatively you can purchase the tank of fuel at the time of vehicle collection and return the vehicle empty. These options are available at the time of collecting the vehicle.

Q. What happens if I receive a traffic violation or parking ticket?

 A. All infringements are the responsibility of the driver/hirer. Any outstanding fines will be forwarded on to the Hirer along with an administration charge to cover the somewhat protracted processing time and correspondence with the State authorities concerned.

Vehicle Hire Calculations, Charges and Payment

Q. What is a daily rate and how is it calculated?

A.  All Cars and Commercial Vehicle hire rates are based on a 24 hour period, i.e. if you collect the vehicle at 10am for one days hire, you should return the vehicle at 10am the next day

Q.  Are extra costs applied if I return the vehicle late?

A. Generally we allow a one hour grace period after which if the vehicle is returned up to 4 hours late (inclusive of the grace period)one 1/5th of the daily rate is retrospectivly charged for each hour overdue (inclusive of the grace period) along with insurance and associated rental costs that make up your daily rate. If you return the vehicle after the 4 hour period stipulated above you will be charged a full day's rental plus any associated daily rental costs.

Q. When I get a quote for vehicle hire what will it include?

A. You will be given a full price for the rental period selected, this price will include any arrival/departure charges if applicable, Collision Damage Waiver, Government Tax (GST 10%) + Stamp Duty at varying State rates plus any specific rental charges pertaining to your hire along with any optional Driver Protection Package costs chosen by you.

Q. What are your payment methods and requirements?

A.  A valid credit card in the renter's name is required when booking as a deposit or making full rental payment. 
When you make a reservation on this site you can optionally select whether to make payment on-line, fax, mail or even telephone us your credit card details.

If you select not to tender your credit card details on line preferring to fax or call us with the details, your booking will be deemed "provisional  & pending" and vehicle availability along with price cannot be totally guaranteed and confirmed until we have your credit card details and instructions to hand.

If you tender your credit card details on-line we will respond within 24 hours giving confirmation of acceptance, until such time your booking will be deemed provisional. No money will ever be deducted from your credit card until we have confirmed your booking.

At the time of your vehicle collection, an authorization is obtained on your credit card based on the estimated value of your selected vehicle Standard Accident Liability.

Additionally you will need to have sufficient credit on your credit card to cover all charges including any balance due for the actual vehicle hire.

Acceptable Charge Cards: American Express / MasterCard / Diners Club / Visa. If paying by American Express or Diners Club a 5 % surcharge will apply.

Q. Is it cheaper to hire a vehicle for longer periods?

A.  Yes. Generally the longer period of hire the cheaper the rate becomes and we are always happy to negotiate a special price to suit your individual circumstances.