Cairns Private & Commercial Ute Hire

Find Commercial or Private Ute Hire in Cairns to Move Your Business or Home

Moving is a complex ordeal that is often draining and difficult to organise due to the logistics of transportation, among many other complications. If you are about to move, whether it is to a new home or transporting your business from one location to another, it is most important to make sure that you have the appropriate vehicles and equipment to execute your move. If you get that part squared away in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner, it will give you time, energy, and money to focus on other elements of your transition. At 1300 Truck Hire, we offer a wide variety of vehicles for terms of varying duration. This is because we service such a wide range of clients that it would be impossible to satisfy them all without a diverse fleet of vehicles in our possession. If you are transporting a small number of goods and only one or two individuals, we encourage you to consider our options for private and commercial ute hire in Cairns.

The Advantages of Ute Hire in Cairns as Opposed to Other Vehicle Options

At 1300 Truck Hire, we offer vans, 4WD vehicles, trucks, and more. Some of our vehicles are used primarily, if not exclusively, for transportation. Others are used mostly for individuals or small groups to go on outdoorsy excursions through Australia. The options for ute hire in Cairns are unique in that this is a vehicle that walks the fine line between being a utility vehicle and one whose primary purpose is leisure. For this reason, the ute has become a distinctly popular vehicle in Australia.

Using commercial ute hire in Cairns is going to benefit any business that has to traverse difficult terrain to transport a few goods. These small, effective vehicles have the ability to handle some of the roads that may be off limits to larger trucks. Due to their size, they also offer lower cost transportation and greater fuel efficiency than their larger vehicle counterparts.

Save Time and Money by Dropping off Your Vehicle at Your Destination

One of the unique elements of our services for commercial or private ute hire in Cairns is that we do not demand that you return the vehicle where you picked it up in Cairns. Instead, we have various drop-off locations all over the country that allow you to save both time and money when it comes to transporting yourself or your goods. Dropping off your ute hire in your destination location instead of having to drive back to Cairns and then back again will reduce the amount of time you need to rent the vehicle as well as save you a lot of time by eliminating your need to drive back and forth several times just to complete your move. Whether for private or commercial purposes, this leg up we offer over our competition will undoubtedly benefit you.