Cairns Moving Truck Hire

Simplify Your Moving Process, with a Moving Truck Hire in Cairns

Are you selling your home in the Cairns area and moving to a new city several hours away? Are you planning on renting a moving truck to get your furniture and belongings to your new residence? If you answered yes to these two questions, then 1300 Truckhire is your go-to source for moving truck hires in Cairns.

If you are moving from the Cairns area to Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Newcastle or even Brisbane, you are looking at a long drive to get there. Of these major cities, Brisbane is the closest to Cairns, and that's a 19-hour drive. If you are moving to Perth, you can expect closer to 55 hours on the road.

The bottom line is this: if you are moving far away, you are already going to have to spend multiple days driving your belongings to your new home. If you've used a moving truck hire in Cairns to handle the move, you certainly don't want to have to worry about turning around and driving back to Cairns to return the truck.

Luckily, with 1300 Truckhire, there is an easier way to handle your own move. We are a nationwide company, which means that, no matter where you are moving, we probably have an office nearby where you can drop off your truck. In other words, while your moving truck hire may begin in Cairns, you can easily drop our truck off in Perth or Sydney without having to worry about extra fees. This flexible one-way rental option simplifies the moving process and lets you keep looking forward instead of looking back.