Light Commercial Vehicles 

Toyota Hiace Vans & Hilux Utes

The Toyota Hiace Van is one of the most popular commercial hire vehicles.

A new Toyota Van starts at $47,000 from the dealership, which can be a heavy investment, especially if you are embarking on a new business venture.

Many clients at 1300 Truckhire use the vans as support vehicles to their own whilst transitioning into a larger enterprise. Long term van hire can assist growing businesses by utilising the flexibility of hire terms, payment options, and van maintenance/servicing taken care of by 1300 Truckhire.

The most common type of hirers for the vans are couriers such as Australia Post & Toll, electricians, laundrette services, events, production companies, florists & many more. However, the vans are not just limited to this type of use. Many customers use the vans for moving home, collecting new furniture or packing it up with goodies for your camping trip. Some clients have set themselves up in the back and used it as a hotel whilst selling their products around Australia.

The Hiace van has a spacious cabin, which is essential if you spend most of your day in it. The cabin has two seats, Bluetooth & a reverse camera. The van is a diesel automatic which is drivable on a car licence.

The Hiace has a sliding door on the passenger side and a barn door at the rear, making it easier to get to your products depending on where you have packed them in the van. The vans are often used in the city where parking is tight, and it is convenient to have options to get to your cargo.

When you are in the van, you will feel like you are sitting up relatively high, which is one of the favourite attributes of the van, making it easy to drive and navigate parking in tight areas.

The van has a cargo barrier that stops any loose cargo, equipment or tools from entering the van’s cabin and harming its occupants in the event of sudden braking or an accident.

The cargo barrier does not block the air conditioning from entering the cargo area, which allows your products or flowers, for example, from being affected by the heat. For additional cooling requirements for your storage, you can check out the fridge/freezer truck.

The vans hire prices include hire, insurance, van & tyre maintenance, tax & registration fees.



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