Cairns 6 Tonne Truck Hire

Making Moving Easy with a 6 Tonne Truck Hire in Cairns

It is an exciting time when you move! You are starting over in a new home, ready to make it your own. New memories and adventures await you at the new place. Before you can get your new life started, though, you must lug all your belongings to the new location.

A 6 tonne truck hire in Cairns is a great moving option, allowing you to fit everything in one trip. The sheer size of the truck makes it an excellent choice for those getting ready to move. The sooner you can book a 6 tonne truck in Cairns, the better chance you have for its availability when you want it. While driving a truck can be a relatively simple experience, there are a few tricks to help make the trip smoother.

Tips for Driving a 6 Tonne Truck

The first thing you should do once you get the keys to your truck is go out for a practice drive. It may seem like an inconvenience, but it can help you feel more confident driving it. This likely will be your first time driving anything of this size, and it will take some getting used to. Practice driving around an empty parking lot or a quiet residential neighbourhood. You can get comfortable with the turning radius and raised eye-line of the street before you head out on a busy road.

As you drive the truck, be aware of a few things. Take all turns nice and slow. Routinely check your mirrors and blind spots. Allow a significant distance between you and other cars on the road. Keep your eyes open for low hanging tree branches, bridges, and other obstacles that can scrape against the top of the truck. If possible, avoid backing up. Remember, slow is steady and steady is fast. Prioritising safety allows you to make the smoothest trip possible.

Finding the Best 6 Tonne Truck Hire

When seeking a 6 tonne truck hire in Cairns, you want the experience to making moving easier and not more challenging. Confusing contracts, unfair fees and unfriendly staff can add to the stress of moving, which is not what you need. With 1300 Truckhire, you get excellent service to make your move easier. We are the leading provider of commercial vehicles for lease and hire in Cairns.

Our business works to make life easier for you. We include free moving packs with every truck hire. Our selection of 6 tonne truck hire allows you to find the right vehicle for your needs easily. Our staff members are happy to help you with ropes, blankets, trolleys, and load binders. Take advantage of our one-way truck hire service, which allows you to drop off the truck at a convenient location nearest to your new home.

To rent a 6 tonne truck, you only need an Open Driver’s License. Give us a call today to go over your truck rental options. We are happy to help you get into your new home as soon as possible.