Toyota Hilux 4x4 Dual Cab Canopy


Toyota Hilux Dual Cab Canopy

- Automatic

- Diesel

- Lockable Canopy

- Reversing Camera

- AUX and Bluetooth Connectivity


Specifications read more

Fuel Capacity 90 Liters Diesel
No. Seats 5
Transmission 6 Speed Automatic
Licence Required

-Open Car Licence

-International license accepted

Engine 2.4L Tubo Diesel






Toyota describes the Hilux as "Unbreakable" and as a vehicle that is "toughness with plenty of heart". Did you see the Top Gear episode where Jeremy and James take the Hilux to the North Pole?. This vehicle is made for strength and reliability but still comes with the comforts of a reversing camera, touchscreen display and Bluetooth connectivity. Our Hilux Dual Cabs come with a lockable canopy on the tray. The canopies are great for keeping your luggage separate and well protected.


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