Use a 14 seater Bus Hire in Cairns for Your Event transportation

Your group is ready for a road trip! Maybe your child’s netball team made the championships, which are held a few hours away. Maybe your family is in town, and you all want to go camping together without taking several vehicles. Maybe your stag party wants to road trip one last time. Whatever the reason, a 14 seater bus can make a great option for transportation.

Trying to coordinate everyone arriving individually in their vehicles to the same place at the same time is a logistical nightmare. One vehicle is bound to get lost, while another may experience a flat tyre. The cost of gas for each vehicle is significantly higher than everyone chipping in to fuel for a 14 seater bus. Taking one vehicle, rather than many, is also much better for the environment. When you are trying to get multiple people to the same place, a 14 seater bus hire in Cairns is the ideal way to go.

Making a Long Bus Ride More Comfortable

The 14 seater buses with 1300 Truckhire are designed for comfort. We understand that you may be travelling a long distance, so our seat belts are made for safety and comfort. Every vehicle includes air conditioning as well.

While our buses are made for comfort, there are a few steps you can take to make the ride even more enjoyable. Planning activities to entertain the group is a great option. Children can bring along headphones to use games and music on their phones. Packing a light book or two can make the ride go faster. Paper and pencils can be used to journal, draw, or pass notes long the group. A pillow and a blanket can be a lifesaver when you want to sneak in a nap.

Packing delicious light refreshments can help keep spirits up as well. Fruit snacks, Tim Tams, and other goodies can contribute to giving a slight sugar pick me up to a tired group. Bring lots of water and check in on your passengers often. When people get hungry or thirsty, they tend to get cranky. Making sure everyone is cared for helps prevent arguments or irritations on the trip. 14 seater buses can lead to a fun journey, so take advantage of the opportunity.

Finding a Good 14 Seater Bus Hire in Cairns

1300 Truckhire provides 14 seater buses in Cairns for short or long term hire. Each bus is safety compliant and fitted with tow bars. We work to make transportation as convenient for you as possible. We offer airport pick-up and one way rentals, allowing you to drop off the bus at a location nearest to you.

Many private, leisure, corporate, and government groups have taken advantage of our services. Our friendly staff works with groups to find the best possible truck choice for their transportation needs. Our goal is to help your event run as smoothly as possible by providing the best transportation service possible. All you need to rent a vehicle is an Open Driver’s License.